User Panel



1. Website

1.1 Registration is voluntary and none of your data provided during registration on the website will be used for purposes unrelated to the forum's activities or transferred to third parties.
1.2 By creating an account, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of the website.
1.3 The user has the right to delete the account without giving any reason.
1.4 The user is obliged to report any problem on the website to the website administrators.
1.5 Each account created on the website is the property of the website administration.
1.6 Each account has the right to change the password in the appropriate section on the site.
1.7 All account passwords are encrypted and the administration cannot provide the account password.
1.8 The administration of the website is obliged to inform users about changes to the regulations.

2. Discord

§1. Definitions The terms used in these regulations (hereinafter: "Regulations") mean:
1.1. "Discord" - Discord server
1.2. "Text channel" - Discord server text channel.
1.3. "Voice channel" - Discord server voice channel.
1.4. "Message" - Message sent on a text channel.
1.5. "User" - A person using Discord.

§2. General provisions
2.1. These terms and conditions govern the Discord rules.
2.2. Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt the user from complying with them.
2.3. The administration reserves the right to change the regulations without informing users about the changes.
2.4. Reproduction of the regulations without the consent of the author is prohibited under the Copyright Act.
2.5. The administration has the right to admit as evidence from other places beyond the discord server (eg PW) when assessing the situation related to breaking the regulations within Discord, only on the condition that the identity of the event participants does not raise any doubts.

§3. Messages on text channels
3.1. The use of profanity in the news is prohibited.
3.2. Do not use capital letters unnecessarily.
3.3. Prohibition of flooding, i.e. abusing characters and sending multiple emoticons in one message.
3.4. It is forbidden to spam, ie send unsolicited messages or send the same message multiple times.
3.5. We refer all matters related to the server to administration in the help channels, on the server forum.
3.6. On the channels, advertising is prohibited, for example. auctions, servers / sending links not related to the server network.
3.7. Discord is prohibited from insulting, harassing or insulting other users.
3.8. Prohibition of placing in any form entries that violate copyright, pornographic / erotic content, calling for discrimination, promoting Nazism, etc.
3.9. It is forbidden to post any content that may violate the rules or harm the server in any way.
3.10. Try to follow the rules of spelling and grammar when writing messages.
3.11. Sharing of personal data (i.e. facebook, phone numbers, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

§4. Voice channels
4.1. It is forbidden to use profanity and phrases commonly considered vulgar, this also applies to the use of music bots for this purpose.
4.2. It is forbidden to over-shout, blow into the microphone, make unpleasant sounds, etc.
4.3. Questions to the administration regarding the game are directed only on the help channels.
4.4. Prohibition of offending, insulting other users and members of the administration.
4.5. It is forbidden to play music and the so-called "binds".
4.6. It is forbidden to use any voice modulators.
4.7. Calls are not recorded on the voice channels.
4.8. Any conflicts that are not able to be resolved by users themselves should be reported to the administration.
§5. Administration
5.1. Each administration member has a rank, which is visible after clicking on his nickname in the user tree.
5.2. The administration has the right to bend the regulations if the situation requires it
5.3. In the event of breach of the regulations by the user, the administration has the right to:
- Deletion of user entry / message.
- Blocking user communication.
- Kick user from Discord.
- Permanently banned a user from Discord.
- Take consequences on web servers if extraordinary circumstances occur.

Each user who breaks the regulations will be properly punished with a warning or, in an emergency, with a ban for a specified period.